Reservas directas


Rights and Duties of hotel guests Don Alfonso in Pereira , all paragraph to have the best service for our guests

  1. know the information of the management of cultural and natural resources economic impact at   the hotel.
  2. Know the details of the legal requirements for guests to tourism activities and accommodation.
  3. Enjoy of personalized attention
  4. To enjoy the services offered by the hotel, according to the policies and guidelines for the provision of hotel services.
  5. Enjoy their personal and family privacy.
  6. Respect for their religious, philosophical and moral beliefs.
  7. Transparency in the information provided on products and services offered
  8. Protection of their physical integrity, while you are at the hotel.
  9. Know all the information regarding security, evacuation routes, meeting point and hotel emergency plan.
  10. Smoking in areas designated for that purpose
  11. Protection of rights, as a person, group of people, community or people





  1. Respect the customs, beliefs , traditions and habits of the community
  2. Respect for the tranquility of the guests.
  3. Respect for the social spaces of the hotel
  4. Respond for damages in the room while his or its companions are staying
  5. Use furniture and equipment located in the room properly
  6. Using water and electricity responsibly
  7. Make proper disposal of solid waste
  8. No Smoking in rooms
  9. Comply with the instructions provided by the hotel , to visit the various tourist attractions of the region
  10. Comply with the legal requirements for the prevention of sex tourism with children and adolescents.
  11. No criminal acts or conduct considered criminal by the laws of the country
  12. Not  threatening the flora, fauna and cultural heritage of the region