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El Hotel Don Alfonso es una gran casa, declarado patrimonio histórico y arquitectónico de Pereira, adequated para proporcionar todas las facilidades.

The Hotel Don Alfonso is a great house, declared, Historical and Architectural Heritage of Pereira, adequated to provide all the facilities. It is in la Zona Rosa of the city, just 10 minutes from Matecaña International Airport and close to the best restaurants and shopping malls of the city. Its classic architecture, furniture, lamps, terraces and gardens will make your stay unforgettable. In our facilities you can appreciate a great variety of native flora of the region, such as : Red Anthurium ( Anthurium Calore ) , Red-Green Anthurium ( Anthurium Spice ) , white musaendas , Café variety Castillo® , white and orange tango tango ( Pyrostegia Venusta ) . White trumpet ( Thunbergia Grandiflora ) , Blue Star ( Petrea Volubilis ) , Vincas white Madagascar ( Catharanthus roseus ) .